16 Things to Do in Lombok, Indonesia as a Responsible Traveler

This article was written by our friends at Gemtrack Travel.

Indonesia – this huge archipelago consists of over seventeen thousand (!) islands spread across the Indian and Pacific Ocean. There are so many islands and regions to discover there that one might become quite overwhelmed by the choices. 

Most travelers tend to gravitate towards Bali, the small tear shaped island just East of Java. And it’s no wonder! This stunning island is heavily promoted and it sometimes seems like every travel blogger you follow on Instagram is there at the same time… 

Usually, when a traveler tells us that they are traveling to Bali, we try to ask them if they’ve thought about jumping over to Lombok as well.

Lombok is an island located to the east of Bali, that is bursting with natural beauty! Picture vast beaches, rugged coastlines, thick jungle canopies and fertile volcanic soil. All which surround the island’s majestic volcano: the holy Mount Rinjani. The island is predominantly Muslim, which makes the cultural experience very different than Bali, where the religion is Balinese Hinduism.

We think that adding Lombok to your list of “islands to hop on” while traveling in Indonesia will add so much to your overall experience of the region!

Having spent quite some time in Lombok over the last two years, we’ve fallen in love with the island. At the same time we’ve become very aware of the devastating effects that tourism has had in these corners of the world. And we’ve made it our mission to promote a side of Lombok that is amazing and ethical at the

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